Healthy Fruit & Nut Flapjacks

healthy breakfast granola flapjacks

There’s something about the new academic year that urges some kind of resolution-making.  I always struggle to keep new rules but, come September and adapting to our first week of fresh routine, change has been welcome – in the form of these breakfast flapjacks.

homemade breakfast cereal maple granolaAs I was toasting the weekly batch of our favourite healthy Maple Granola, I thought about using the oats, seeds, nuts and fruits and converting them into Flapjacks.

We’re addicted to this granola – once you start making it, there’s no turning back to the commercial packeted cereals – and love serving it with yoghurt, fresh fruit or compote, so flapjacks seemed like a lovely change.

Reduced Sugar

My fond memories of flapjacks, however flopped when I made an old family recipe which used the classic golden syrup and a whopping amount of sugar on top of that.  It was simply FAR too sweet.

If you know me by now – even with 2 patisserie recipe books! – I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth. It sounds bizarre, I know, but that’s why I love French patisserie so much: the irony is that the best pastries in Paris are not that sweet. There’s also a rise of gluten-free and healthy pastry boutiques that specialise in cutting down on sugar (see my article on Foucade, Paris).

Honey, Honey

So my answer is this healthier version of flapjacks (or granola bars) which are naturally sweetened with just honey and dried fruits in place of the traditional sugar and syrup. We’ve tried and tested them and this recipe received the thumbs up from the girls.

However, I shall leave YOU to judge them for yourself: would you add extra sugar to them or not?  If you do feel they need more sugar, then I dare you make some change too and start cutting down on unnecessary sugar this year. That’s another change: I’ve become a bit cheeky after the holidays…