Mini Macaron Trifles – Ispahan Style!

mini macaron trifles - raspberry rose lychee

I have been itching to show you these mini macaron trifles – Ispahan style!
Last week, as I was listening to Abba, my kids caught me using my macaron spatula as a microphone. As I was transported back home to Scotland in the 80s – before you could say Super Trouper – my nostalgic mind had turned to trifle.
You see, Mum always made her best and biggest celebratory trifle for end of year parties but with such a huge festive spread on the buffet table, we didn’t have that much room left for dessert – which was often frustrating looking at its pretty pristine layers of fruity wobbly jelly, sherry sponge, custard and cream.

mini macaron triflesHence my urge to make mini versions.
They’re twice the fun and a fraction of the size and apparently, steadily growing as a mini treat trend. I have a number of mini French teacakes in my teatime recipe book (financiers, madeleines and tigrés) but I couldn’t resist using Parisian macarons to replace the classic trifle sponge (macarons are gluten-free), as they fit a shot glass perfectly – and, finding a handy few rose macarons left in the freezer, whipped up these mini macaron trifles in no time, adding a touch of Parisian “Ispahan” inspiration.

Why Ispahan – What is it?

Ispahan is a Damask rose named after the city Isfahan (French: Ispahan) in Iran where it was apparently discovered in one of the city’s beautiful gardens. The rose has been made famous in Paris by pastry chef, Pierre Hermé. He is renowned for his Ispahan macaron, created while previously working at Ladurée: a bright pink macaron, filled with rose cream, lychee and raspberries.
Hermé is originally from Alsace – the region famous for their French Gewürtzraminer wines with tones of rose and lychees. You can see why he chose such a romantic combination with raspberries to conjure up a rosy selection of Ispahan pastries.

More Inspiration for Mini Macaron Trifles

Check out more trifle recipes from my friends, adding macarons to turn them into mini macaron trifles:

mini macaron trifles

Why not use the macaron recipes in my books, adapting the trifles to suit the flavours?
Here are some ideas from the latest macaron recipes in Teatime in Paris:

  • Mojito macarons (make a lime jelly and add a touch of mint essence in the cream)
  • Fizzy Orangina macarons (using orange jelly)
  • Raspberry, Lime & Tarragon “Maclairs” (for something a bit different!)
  • Rhubarb and Poppy macarons (great with strawberry trifle) … the list goes on so over to you!

Raspberry rose macaron trifles #rosemacarons