Sticky Orange Caramel & Chestnut Cake

orange caramel cake

This sticky orange caramel cake appeared in a dream the other day.  That’s not difficult to work out why oranges are on my mind: Antoine had stocked up on two huge bags of beautiful organic oranges destined to squeeze them into juice for breakfasts but somehow they didn’t quite make it into that glass.  I think this must be a wee problem I have, as I was instead thinking of more creative ways to use them, even if table oranges are better for baking.

Orange Caramel Cake

It’s not that I’m not healthy (that is so French, BTW, double negatives tend to stick these days): before I take off on the school run up to the Lycée during the week, I squeeze half a lime, lemon or orange and mix it with warm water from the kettle.  It’s supposed to be so good for you, and I can feel that my body likes it.

Over the winter months, I dream of teatime at breakfast… with warm caramel and a hint of French chestnut paste just to add a bit of French intrigue.

Sticky orange caramel cake

The extra half orange used as sliced on top of the cake are not just for decoration but gives it a sharp kick to the cake, which balances well with the orange caramel.  Naturally, if you have a couple of better quality oranges than I used here, you’ll enjoy it even better!