Passion Fruit Mango Creams with Easter Chocolate

Passion Fruit Mango Creams

What better way to enjoy chocolate this Easter with a quick and easy no-bake dessert that accompanies it: Passion Fruit Mango Creams.

passion fruit mango creams

French recipes with a story

As I’d bought a bag of dark chocolate fritures (French chocolates in the shape of fish and seafood) for April Fool’s Day, I couldn’t help thinking of the gorgeous pairing of chocolate with passion fruit and mango.

So, inspired by William Ledeuil, French chef at Paris’s Ze Kitchen Galerie who specialises in French food with Asian influences I set about whipping up this quick dessert.
Chef Ledeuil would use a fresh vanilla pod and add citronnella but I’ve made a quicker version with powdered vanilla (or use vanilla extract) and fragrant limes to replace the citronnella.

Why Chocolate Fish?

Chocolate fish are popular in all the chocolateries in France since April Fool’s Day is known as Poisson d’avril. If you’re any decently duped April Fool in France, you’ll probably be sporting a school of colourful paper fish taped to your back.

The story behind the traditional fish remains unclear. Various sources cite the most popular: it goes back to the 16th Century under Charles IX reign, who changed the New Year to the 1st January. Until then in France, the New Year started around 1st April and was celebrated by fresh fish to herald the arrival of Spring (following the zodiac sign of Pisces, perhaps). Not everyone was au courant or kept forgetting this new calendar, so jokes gradually spread via the custom of pinning fish on their backs!

Passion Fruit Mango Creams

Fish continue to be seen throughout Easter but, fish or not, mini Easter eggs or just squares of good quality chocolate will go well with this zingy dessert. Here I added my favourite Tigrés (financier teacakes with chocolate chips baked in savarin moulds and topped/filled with chocolate ganache) from “Teatime in Paris” and added just a blob each of the passion fruit syrup before adding it to the cream.

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